These general terms and sales conditions apply to the order of products offered on WE GROUP EUROPE’s online sale website and available at: www.staging.zulupack.com.

 These sales conditions apply to the parties (referred to as “parties” hereafter) defined as such:

  • WE GROUPE EUROPE, a “Société à responsabilité limitée” (private limited liability company), with a capital share of 2,000 euros, registered n°508 421 898 at the “Registre du commerce et des sociétés de Grenoble” (register of companies of Grenoble). The company’s registered office is 3 BIS RUE Luzy Duffeillant 38270 Beaurepaire, France (hereafter referred to as “we”).
  • The client, a person meeting all the conditions defined by article 2.1 and placing an order through the Website (hereafter referred to as “you”).

The sales conditions only apply to orders delivered to individual clients purchasing Products for a non-professional use. In order to place an order on the Website, individuals must be legally capable, free of guardianship and have a postal address.

 Placing and order on this website entails that you fully understand these terms and conditions.

 Conditions surrounding temporary promotions shall be described on the Website.

As you place your first order on the website, you will need to create an client account.

 We reserve the right to modify without notice and at any moment these terms and conditions, while notifying the effective date of the new terms and conditions. All orders placed on the website shall be governed by the terms and conditions effective at the time the order is confirmed.       

The Parties agree that electronic documents are considered as valid a medium as paper documents. In accordance with article 1348 of French “Code civil”, the Parties agree to keep their electronic records so that they constitute a valid copy of any electronic exchange, order, order confirmation, or any other document that the Parties could be led to exchange in the course of orders or purchases made via the Website and in accordance with these Terms and conditions.

2. Order

2.1 Conditions

In order to place an order to Products, you must meet all the following conditions:

  • Fill in all the information necessary to successful payment, delivery and any other information required upon creation of your account;
  • Own a valid payment card or an active PayPal account.

2.2 Order placement process – Order confirmation

Creating your client account will generate your login ID and password. You must keep your password secret and private. Please be aware that you are responsible for any purchase made using your ID and password, even if the purchase is not your doing.

Once connected to your client account using your ID and password, and once you have selected the product(s) of your choice by clicking “Add to basket”, please follow the order confirmation process until you reach “My order”.

Set your delivery preferences: home delivery or pick-up delivery in the “Point Relais” (delivery point) that suits you.

You can change your “Point Relais” with each new order.

Be aware that each product page displays the product’s characteristics. In accordance with French loi 2014-344 du 17 mars 2014, a recap of the order’s main features (general description of the Products, delivery and billing address, full “TTC” price (All Taxes Included), method of payment, delivery times and shipping cost) will be notified to you before you confirm the order.

If necessary, you can modify your order before final confirmation.

After checking the information listed above, finalise your order by ticking the statement “I read and accept the general terms and conditions of sale

You will then be redirected to the payment page.

We reserve the right to reject an order if these conditions are not respected, in case of an error or anomaly in the order (ex: quantities unfit for personal or family use), in case of a default in payment, or a fraud/misuse suspicion.

You will receive an email order confirmation from us, indicating the order number and details at the email address indicated by you. Please keep this confirmation email until the order is delivered, for you will need to present it whether you choose “Point Relais” or home delivery.

3. Rates

The prices are indicated on the website in euros and do not include shipping costs.

We reserve the right to modify our prices at any moment but in any event, you shall be charged following the prices in effect when the order was placed.

The page “My orders” gives you access to your order’s global price, including taxes (French “TVA”), shipping costs, and processing fees.

In the event of a tax/contribution modification, or tax/contribution creation, the change might affect the products’ selling prices.

4. Shipping costs

 Shipping costs and processing fees depend on the delivery preferences set when placing an order on the website.

 The shipping costs will be detailed prior to the choice of delivery type and shipping costs add up to the products’ total amount.

Prices and delivery preferences:       

Colissimo delivery (requires a signature), available in mainland France.

Time: 2 to 5 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 10€

Dépôt relais DPD in mainland France:

Time: 2 to 5 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 5€

Colissimo International DOM (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, French Guiana, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Martin, Saint-Barthélemy)

Time: 5 to 10 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 15€

Colissimo International OM2 (French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF))

Time: 5 to 10 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 22€

Colissimo International Zone A (European Union and Switzerland)

Time: 5 to 10 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 15€

Colissimo International Zone B (Eastern European countries (except European Union and Russia), Norway, Maghreb)

Time: 5 to 10 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 22€

Colissimo International Zone C (other destinations)

Time: 5 to 10 working days once the parcel is processed and sent.

Price: 25€ 

5. Payment

The Products are paid for via a payment card (Visa, MasterCard) or PayPal account.

The order is only considered final when the online payment procedure is complete. We thus reserve the possibility of rejecting any order or delivery in the event of a payment dispute with you. The Products remain our property until the due amounts are completely cashed in.

You hereby accept to receive electronic invoices only. They are accessible, downloadable and printable from your account’s section “My account”.

Your payment card’s details are encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and will never appear on the Internet. Payment is made directly with our bank, which implies that none of your personal information passes through the online sale website. 

We do not keep your bank data on our servers. This information will thus be required of you with each new order on the website.

In spite of data encrypting, we remind you that no Internet information transmission is 100% secure, and that some of the information shared online can be intercepted and used by people other than the intended destination.    

We thus do our best to protect the confidentiality of the personal and bank data shared on the website.   

6. Product availability

Our Products and prices offers are available for as long as they appear on the website, except in the event of a special operation, the duration of which shall be specified on the website. You can check if the Products are available on the page dedicated to each Product.

In case your order is momentarily out of stock, we reserve the right to cancel it, under the condition that you are informed of the matter.

The order shall not be processed or sent until all the products ordered are available.

7. Delivery

The products bought on the website can be delivered in the different zones indicated in section 4 “Shipping costs”. The delivery will take place according to your preferences: either at your home, or at a “Point Relais” (in mainland France) as listed when choosing your delivery preferences.

All the products of the order being delivered at the same time, an order comprising several products will follow the longest delivery time indicated on each product page. 

We also advise that you track your order often. This can be done from your client account page.

If we are prevented to comply with the set delivery times, in case of an Act of God, or a fortuitous event as defined by French legal precedents, or because of a foreign cause, including a wrongdoing of yours, the delivery times shall be prolonged by rights and according to the hindrance’s duration. We shall inform you via email of such a hindrance occurring, and when it comes to an end.

7.1 Home delivery

The products shall be delivered to the address given during the order process. The delivery times differ from one delivery preference to another and are given as an indication.

In case of a delivery delay, our customer service shall inform you of the next planned delivery date. Under no circumstances can we be held accountable for a delivery delay caused by the indication of a wrong or incomplete address.

You must notify the carrier of any reservations you may have on the delivered product (for instance: damaged parcel or product, opened parcel, etc.). Your reservations must be clearly written down on the delivery slip.)

7.2 “Point Relais” delivery

The products will be delivered in the “Point Relais” which coordinates and opening time are specified in the confirmation email and at the time of delivery stated in the order recap.

In order to pick up your Product, you must go to said “Point Relais” and present an identity document as well as the email confirming the order.

The delivery is final upon reception of the order in the “Point Relais”.

The Product shall be kept by the “Point Relais” for a total of seven (7) days after reception. If you fail to pick up the Product after the deadline, the sale shall be cancelled and you will be notified of the fact by email. In such an event, we commit to refund the paid amounts, minus shipping costs within fourteen (14) days, after said email is sent.

You must notify the “Point Relais” of any reservations you may have on the delivered product (for instance: damaged parcel or product, opened parcel, etc.). Your reservations must be clearly written down on the delivery slip.)

8. Right of withdrawal

You have a right to withdrawal on products bought on the website, within fourteen (14) calendar days upon reception of the Products.

You must make your decision to withdraw clear by contacting the customer service by email: contact@staging.zulupack.com. The process and return number will be communicated to you and confirmed by email.  

You can also make your request on paper and send it to: WE GROUP EUROPE /  ZULUPACK - 3bis rue Luzy Dufeillant - 38270 Beaurepaire – France, using the following template:

Withdrawal form template

—    À l’attention WE GROUP EUROPE / ZULUPACK - Service Consommateurs - 3bis rue Luzy Dufeillant - 38270 Beaurepaire – France

— For the attention of WE GROUP EUROPE / ZULUPACK - Service Consommateurs - 3bis rue Luzy Dufeillant - 38270 Beaurepaire – France

—    Je vous notifie par la présente ma rétractation du contrat portant sur la vente du/des Produits pour suivants : …………………………………………………………………………………………

— I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract concerning the sale of the following article(s):


—    Commandé(s) le …………………………….. /reçu(s) le ……………………………..

— Ordered on ……………………………../ received on …………………….

—    N° de la commande :

— Order n°:

—    Nom du (des) consommateur(s) :

— Customer’s name:

—    Adresse du (des) consommateur(s) :

— Customer’s address:

—    Signature du (des) consommateur(s) :

— Customer’s signature:

Regardless of your delivery preferences (at home or “Point Relais”), if you decide to use your right of withdrawal, you must send us the product in a maximum of fourteen (14) days upon receiving a confirmation email from our customer service. The product shall be returned at the following address: GTL international - 220 Rue Pommarin, Centr'Alp, 38430 Moirans, France.

The product must be returned in its original packaging (including instructions manual and accessories) to the address indicated above, in pristine condition allowing its commercialisation. Please add a copy of the delivery slip and write down the inscription “Retour produit” (Product return).

In case of multiple orders (of multiple products), the time of withdrawal starts upon reception of the last product.

The return charges are payable by you (payable by the client).

Product refund will be confirmed by email and shall be transferred within a maximum of fourteen (14) days upon reception of your decision to use your right of withdrawal. However, we reserve the right to postpone the refund until the Product is effectively received.

In case of partial withdrawal, we only refund the product(s) concerned by the withdrawal.

We reserve the right to refuse a product return and not proceed with the refund:

  • in case the withdrawal procedure mentioned above is not respected;
  • if the Product is not sent back with the invoice or delivery slip sent by email by our customer service, or found on your account. The document must also read: “Retour produit” (Product return).
  • if the Product has not been sent back in its original packaging and in original condition (with documents and accessories).

9. Warrantees

Generally speaking, all indications surrounding the use of our products, including the safety rules that apply to them, are listed in the instructions manual delivered with the Product.

9.1 Legal warrantees

The products offered on our Website comply with the current French legislation and regulations.

In case of a product defect, you are entitled to “garantie légale de conformité des Produits” (legal warrantee of product conformity) as described in articles L121-4 and following, Code de la consommation (Consumer Code), lasting for two (2) years upon its delivery as well as a legal warrantee surrounding latent defects (article 1641 Code civil).

  • Article L211-4 Code de la consommation (Consumer Code)

The seller is obliged to deliver a product corresponding to the contract and shall answer for any defect found at delivery. The seller also answers for any conformity defect resultant of packaging or assembling instructions if they were his or her responsibility or were made under his or her care. 

  • Article L211-5 Code de la consommation (Consumer Code)

In order to correspond to the contract, the good must:

1. Be as clean as such a product would be expected to be, and in that case:

  • Correspond to the description provided by the seller and display the qualities the seller presented to the buyer by means of a sample or model
  • Display the qualities a buyer would rightfully expect with regards to the seller, producer or representative’s public declarations, including those made in the context or advertisement or labelling.

2. Or display the characteristics defined by a common agreement of both parties, or be fit to any special use sought by the buyer, made clear and accepted by the seller.

  • Article L211-12 Code de la consommation (Consumer Code)

Action following a conformity flaw can only be taken within two years upon product delivery.

  • Article 1641 Code civil

The seller is bound to a warranty in the case where latent defects of the sold object render it useless for its intended use, or diminish this use so drastically that the buyer would not have purchased the object, or at a lower price, had he known of them.

  •  Article 1648 alinéa 1er Code civil

Upon discovery of a redhibitory fault, the buyer must take any action within two years.           

9.2. Warranty exclusions

Damage resultant of the following causes shall be excluded from warranty:         

  • not complying with the installation and use instructions, or discarding the upkeep advice,
  • using the Products in an unfit manner,
  • normal wear and deterioration,
  • a modification, tear, fall or abnormal impact on the product.

9.3. Warranty implementation

In compliance with your right to warranties, and following your preferences, we commit to:

  • fully refund the price of the product originally bought.   
  • exchange the previously bought product with new, identical products.

10. After-sales service

If the article you receive is damaged or has a fabrication default, please take a photograph of the defaults you noticed and send it to contact@staging.zulupack.com, which will enable us to confirm the article needs to be sent back to the after-sales service. Every request made to the after-sales service must come with a purchase certificate (invoice or receipt). No request shall be accepted if this document is missing.

The return charges are payable by you (payable by the client).

11. Customer service

 For any question regarding one of our product, delivery tracking, your right to withdrawal or warranty implementation, our customer service is available at the times indicated on the website or via email: contact@staging.zulupack.com.

 You can also contact our customer service via our postal address: WE GROUP EUROPE / ZULUPACK - Service Consommateurs - 3bis rue Luzy Dufeillant - 38270 Beaurepaire – France

12. Intellectual property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced or presented on our website are protected by copyright and our exclusive property. In that effect, and in compliance with French “Code de la Propriété intellectuelle”, only a private visualisation of the website is permitted.

 Any total or partial representation/reproduction of our website, of part or all of the elements it contains is strictly forbidden.

 The company name, brand and distinctive signs reproduced on the website are protected by the right of intellectual property. Reproducing or representing part or all of the elements cited above is strictly forbidden and is subject to a prior written authorisation made by the rights holder.

13. Accountability

We cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience or damage resulting from using the Internet, including discontinuation of service, intrusion by an outside party or the presence of computer viruses disrupting the access or functioning of the website.

 The photographs displayed on the website serve an illustrative purpose. We advise that you consult the description of each product to know its detailed characteristics and contact our customer service if doubt remains.

 Our website may display links to other, unpublished or uncontrolled websites. Such links only serve a convenience purpose; they cannot and shall not be interpreted as implicit or explicit support of these websites, their content, or of any product/service they offer.

 Generally speaking, we shall not be held accountable for any failing to our obligations in case of a fortuitous situation, act of God, full or partial strike (including of postal, transportation and communication services), flood or fire.

14. Personal information and data

The information and data that concern you are necessary to managing your order. They can be transmitted to the companies that contribute to our business relations (for instance those in charge of executing the services and orders) when they need the information for management, processing, and payment purposes. Furthermore, this information and data is kept for security purposes and in compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, and to improve and personalise the information we give our clients.

In compliance with French “loi informatique et libertés du 6 janvier 1978” (computer sciences and freedom), you have a right to access, rectify and oppose your personal data.

15. Disputes

These general conditions of sale, and in a more general manner, relations between the Parties, are governed by French law. Any dispute shall only be brought to “tribunal du commerce de Vienne” (Commercial court of Vienne, France).